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Possibilities UNLIMITED


Rev Timothy said “I preach with the help of Bible Box. In India people believe when they see things. The first disciple of Jesus Christ who came to India was Thomas.  Thomas also first saw hands of Jesus and then believed”.

“There are totally 15 images of key events recorded in the Bible. So every Sunday I take one image from Bible Box and explain to the women and children. During preaching I will always mention about the cross, the gates of hell and the gates of heaven. And all the people enjoy learning about Jesus Christ and Bible.  Sometime I ask one of the sex workers to take image which is in the Bible Box and explain to the group and they enjoy explaining to others in their own words”.

“In the red light area there are 40% women and children living with HIV/AIDS. When we visit sick people in their respective cottage, take Bible Box with us. Those who are on the point of death we give in their hands the cross, the empty tomb, the gates of hell and gates of heaven. That is how we prepare them for the next life in heaven”.

“There are 40 Girls in the Home of Hope and 22 Boys in the Boys Home. These children are from the red light areas. They are living now in the Christ cantered home, where destitute children irrespective of their background are accepted,  cared for, transformed and empowered to be salt and light in the society. I am happy to inform you that these children have memorized 12 images of key events recorded in the Bible. They have memorized number of psalms and other important passages from the Bible. All these 62 children have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Number of children express their desire that they want to be Pastors and bring people from darkness to light and from power of Satan to God”.

“I now have total of 4 Bible Boxes. One is now at the Home of Hope. One is now at the Boys Home. One will be given to Red Light area. One will be given to Village Christian Church”.

“Once again I want to thank the Lord Almighty and Dr Dick Bedell and Mrs. Jean Bedell for providing with Bible Boxes as they offer medical services on their mission trips”.

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