Dynamic Teaching Aid for:

Over the past several years customers have contacted us about the many uses for the BIBLE BOX.  The global ministry, and excitement for Christian learning have been a God Blessing.  However, we encourage all customers to use THE BIBLE BOX in support of THE HOLY BIBLE and not as a replacement. A Bible Box Newsletter is published to offer unique ideas to our customers and we appreciate all communications.

The Bible Box has been taken by mission teams to over 70 countries.  Native missionaries report the benefits are important as the Bible Box can be used in any language, for any age students and at all levels of Christian knowledge.



Missions Educational Projects

Language Training Ministries

Incarceration Facilities, such as  Prisons, Detention Homes & Halfway Houses

Retirement & Nursing

Home Residents

Parent and Grandparent Mentoring

Christian Caregivers

& Therapists






Children's Ministry

Children’s Sunday School

Vacation Bible School

Christian & Home Schoolers

Family Devotions

Children’s Homes & Hospitals

Hospital & Medical Comfort Rooms

Reception Areas for Doctor & Dentist Offices

Grandparents & Retirement Homes
Special Needs

Special Needs Students

Mental Rehabilitation Programs

Learning Challenged Adult Programs